2 Roll Refining & Conche CRV15 I 15 kg/ batch

€ 10.530,00

2 Roll Refining & Conche CRV15 I 

It takes 6 hours from 0.5 - 1.0mm (from the Grinder comes that caliber) to - 20 microns.

This 2 Roll Refiner is a true piece of art for the artisan chocolate maker.
This machine works best in combination with the pre-grinder. The pre-grinder can be placed above the roll refiner. The cocoa pasta ends up directly on the rollers. The rollers can be adjusted. To get the right size.

With the 2 Rollers there is a double wall where the temperature can be controlled. You can control temperature yourself during the process.

After the first cycle of the rollers, the chocolate enters a kettle. The temperature of this can also be set. There is a stirring arm in this kettle, so that the chocolate is whipped lightly. (conching) In this bowl, the chocolate is circulated circularly upwards to get through the rollers and refine again.

Machine designed to conch, refine and mix cocoa butter, sugar and cocoa liquor.


Approximate capacity

15 kg/ batch

Refer. exterior dimensions

Width: 300mm - Length: 600mm - Height: 1200mm - Roller 150 mm

Weight approx.

200 kg

Three-phase motor Recirculating motor

1.5 HP-1800 RPM 1.0 HP-1800 RPM

1.12kW 0.75 kW

Voltage / Hertz: 220-380-440v/ 50- 60Hz

Control unit

Indicates the operation / process by light signaling Run control - stop


Stainless steel AISI 304


Process chamber

Roller with turning system with bearing, special flange and special cover

Roll adjustment

With side tensioners

Product discharge

With side position duct

Force transmission

With motors independently for each process

Support structure

Consolidates machine in general and motor and accessories


Sanitary hose

Of connection and tansit of the product during the process

Recirculating System

Creates the constant flow of the product in the recirculation

Valve 2 1⁄2”

For product discharge

Security guards

For belts and motors