Vulca Ball Mill 75 kg

€ 23.160,00

Refines and mixes chocolate formulations, spreadable creams and nut pastes.

After the Cocoa Pre Grinder the chocolate formulation must be refined and mixed with cocoa butter, sugar and more ingredients as desired.

The Chocolate Ball Refiner ensures an excellent refined chocolate due to the agitation system by stirrers, the metallic spheres, the jacket with temperature control to avoid overheating or letting the cocoa butter solidify, it has a pump as a chocolate recirculator to keep the whole mixture moving, also the quick evacuation system for chocolate, either from the bottom or from the top by means of the chocolate pump. 

  • Tilting design for better cleaning and maintenance
  • Quick detachable stirrer system
  • Two product outlets: lower part by screw conveyor and upper part by the recirculation system (chocolate pump)
  • Jacket with temperature control

With our Chocolate Ball Refiner you can refine chocolate, spreadable creams or nut pastes.

How does a Ball Refiner work? The product is placed in the processing chamber and the stainless steel spheres grind and reduce the size of the particles by friction, rebound and blow between them and the chamber in a temperature controlled environment. The speed of the agitator and the balls are important in the process.

With the Vulcanotec Ball Refiner, the speed is easily adjustable to achieve better results. It also has a recirculation system that allows the chocolate from the base of the Refiner to be pumped to the top, ensuring the total movement of the chocolate, cream or paste. The product can be discharged from the lower part by means of a screw conveyor or from the upper part by means of the recirculation system.

Temperature control is important to prevent the chocolate from burning or the shortening from solidifying, our Ball Refiner has a jacket to efficiently control the temperature.

To improve cleaning and/or maintenance times the Refiner can be turned over.