Vulca laboratory ball mill refiner

€ 11.500,00

This compact and efficient ball mill allows you to produce small quantities for laboratories. Ball mills are capable of rapidly producing chocolate, nut pastes (for gianduia), and spreadable creams. 
It has been designed to reach 20/25 microns thinness. 

Production approx. 5 kg / batch
Reference external dimensions Width: 600 mm - Length: 600 mm - Height: 1100 mm
Weight approx. 100 kg
Agitator motor 2.0HP - 1800 RPM 1.5 kW. Voltage/Hertz: 220-380-440v/ 50-60Hz
Pump motor 1.0HP – 1800 RPM 0.75 kW
Electrical heater 2 kW
Control unit Start-stop control. Indicates operation/processing by light signals
Material Stainless steel AISI 304
Agitation system shafts with paddles for mix the product
Jacketed vessel Wraps the container in a second layer to regulate the temperature on the content for heating or cooling.

Recirculation Pump Makes more efficient the refining process
Product discharge At the lateral side.
Support structure It consolidates the whole machine, engine and accessories.