Bean to Bar LAB line

€ 1.050,00


Have you always wanted to make your own chocolate? With these kid starters it is easier than ever.

This line contains.
1x Nemisto LAB 5+ kg Winnower.    € 285,
1x Nemisto Stylo 3 kg                       € 699,-
6 kg of cocoa beans of different origins. € 75,-


The making of Bean-To-Bar chocolate.


You begin with the choice of cocoa beans. Continent and region where it grows. After that, the harvested beans are fermented and then dried.


The dried and fermented beans are now ready to be further processed in the kitchen.


1) when the supply of the beans, the unwanted materials must be removed. As bad example beans and stones.

2) Put the good beans on a baking plate, 1 layer thick.

3) the beans are roasted in a hot air oven. For the final taste is important that temperature and time are right. This can be at 120 degrees and 45 minutes. To 160 degrees and 15 minutes. This is a matter expertise. Advice is 140 degrees and 25 minutes. 2X stir the beans.

4) Once the beans are cooled, the beans must be broken. This can be done by putting the beans in to a blender for 1-5 seconds. To separate the husk from the bean nibs

5) The cocoa must be separated from the husk. This can be done using a winnower. You have to attached a vacuum cleaner on the winnower. There will be a negative pressure in the barrel. This will aspirate the membranes and the clean nibs will come out.

6) Now you have clean cocoa nibs

7) Now we have processed cocoa for to roll in the grinder.

8)  In the 3 kilo machines the nips and the machine (drum and stones)  must be preheated. Also, the pre-heated in the oven to 50 degrees. If this is not done then the machine has to work too hard and then the machine can easily break. By pre-heating the cocoa is more easily processed by the machine.

9) Machine put into effect. During the run add small quantities of nibs .Per 100 grams of + / _ The machine must continue to run at all times in order to maintain the friction heat. Keep the lid from the rum. 

10) If the full two kilos in the drum is sugar is added after an hour. Add 2 kg of 30% sugar. 2000: 70 = 28.57 (1%) x30 = 857 grams of sugar. Now you have 70% dark chocolate.

11) The grinding must be accomplished in 12-48 hour. Conching can be done up to 70 hours. 

12) After 12- 70 hours, the chocolate is ready. For processing taste you can let the chocolate maturation and further processing. But the process in the grinder is ready.

13) Tempering

14) Packing