Vulca Bean to Bar line 15 kg a day

€ 42.230,00

The Vulca Bean to Bar line 15 kg per day is from a very high level based on Roll Refining. 

For € 42.230 you have a complete artisinal cocoa processing factory. With Cacao roaster, Winnower the separator of nibs and shell, Per-Grinder and Roll refiner / conche.

- Cacao Roaster 5 kg/b.            

- Winnower 20 kg/h.                 

- Pre-grinder Unique model .                  

- 2 Roll Refiner & Conch 15 kg 

- Conche 15 kg

- Chocolate sifter

This way of making chocolate is thought out step by step. The roasting is done in a 5 kg roaster. Hot air is blown through the room in double circular motion. After the roaster, the cocoa beans are placed on a vibrating sieve. The warm air is hereby extracted. Cooling is done with 3 minutes. The cracker winnower breaks the cocoa beans and the nibs are sorted by size. Then you can place the pre grinder above the 2roll refiner / conche. The pre grinder will make the cocoa nibs fine. About 50-100 microns. Because the cocoa nibs are sorted, you can also adjust the pre-grinder better. The 2 Roll refiner and conch allows you to set the temperature in 2 places. At the rollers and in the bowl. And during this process you can determine the speed of conching in the bowl. You determine the fineness by mounting the rollers closer together. The fineness is determined during this process. And you can control the conching. Which of these machines do you use? A great bean to bar line. 100% controlled process.