Aluminium chocolate foil wrapping

€ 0,10

Food-safe silver or gold-coloured wraps made of paper-based aluminium foil, cut to size per kilo in the factory at any size from 100x100 mm. From 50 kilos, even any RAL colour is possible. Suitable for chocolate.



These aluminium foil wrappers supported on a layer of greaseproof paper allow easy and tight wrapping around products. This immediately gives an end product a luxurious look and feel and because the aluminium wrappers are light and airtight, flavours and aromas are optimally preserved. Wraps are indispensable for packaging luxury cheeses and buttercream, also a frequently used product by chocolatiers when packaging luxury chocolate bars and in rectangular format also used as intermediate and inlay in chocolate boxes.

Wrappers cut in any desired format
Available in small quantities, from as little as 1 kilo
With food safety certificate
High-quality aluminium foil on a base of greaseproof paper
Folds tightly and easily.
Delivery time: 3 to 4 weeks.


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