Lareka B2B25


Lareka BTB25 wrapper:


The BTB25 is a single phase tablet packaging machine for the small, specialised chocolatier. It has a capacity of 25 tablets/min.

General Specifications:

Packed product:

Tablet with two layers of packaging material

1st layer: Aluminium or any other material with a fat block and good folding capacities

2nd layer: Paper with brand name and other info. 

Type: Banderol or full envelope fold


Tablet in one layer, single stage without glue.


Tablet dimensions:                                                       

Length: 50-200 mm

Width: 25-100 mm

Height: 6-25 mm 

Moulded tablets tolerance: +/- 0,5mm


Packaging materials:

1st layer: From bobbin

Max. outer diameter: 250 mm

Core diameter: 76 mm

Min. width: 80 mm

Max. width: 300 mm

The speed is 25 tablets/min.


Machine specifications:

  • The machine is newly built.
  • The machine meets the latest safety requirements.
  • The machine is painted in RAL 7021 and has smoke grey PMMA transparent hoods.
  • The machine has LED lighting underneath the hoods.
  • The machine is equipped with a simple Siemens PLC S7, Colour touchscreen HMI and Start/Stop, Reset and Emergency stop buttons.
  • Pneumatics are from Festo.
  • The optional hot melt unit is of the brand Robatech. 
  • Incl. modem for remote access and service in the controls.


  • The machine is built according to the latest European electrical standards: EN 60204 

Machine safety:

The machine will be delivered in compliance with the Machine Directive 2006/42/EC.