Lareka NP60


The challenge:

In the past year, Lareka has developed a versatile, low-volume wrapping machine (BTB25) for chocolate tablets ranging from 25-250 gr. for artisan chocolatiers. As a specialist in packaging solutions for small chocolates tablets, we have been able to design a similar machine for products ranging from 5-25 gr. This so-called “little brother” of the BTB25 wraps 60 small tablets/min. and is the best solution for chocolate enthusiasts working with low volume, artisan, personalized and high quality products.  


Our proposed solution:

Lareka NP60 wrapper:

The NP60 is a single phase tablet packaging machine for small tablets. It has a capacity of 60 tablets/min.


Product specifications (What): 


General Specifications:

Packed product:

Tablet with two layers of packaging material

1st layer: Aluminium or any other material with a fat block and good folding capacities

2nd layer: Paper with brand name and other info 

Type: Banderol or full envelope fold (only for the bigger products)


Tablet in one layer, single stage without glue:


Tablet dimensions:                                                       

Length: 30-90 mm

Width: 30-45 mm

Height: 6-12 mm 

Moulded tablets tolerance: +/- 0,5mm


Packaging materials:

1st layer: From bobbin

Max. outer diameter: 250mm

Core diameter: 76mm

Min. width: 80mm


Alu/paper laminated


Outer layer:

Pre-cut labels from stack

Paper 70-100 gr/m2                             



Hot melt           


Your project specifications:   

Product 1:

Tablet dimensions:

1st layer:

2nd layer:

Glue: hot melt

Process specifications (How):

The scope of delivery starts with an in feed conveyor (approx. 1.75m) on which the operator manually slides the chocolates row by row from plates. The infeed conveyor is indexed by a motor (short side leading). When the chocolate reaches the folding position, the machine is triggered to start a new packaging cycle. Both inner layer and outer layer are taken simultaneously, positioned over the tablet and glued. After which the tablet together with the packaging materials are pushed up through the folding box and the four bottom folds are made. Then, the tablet is pushed out (layer of one tablet high) through the output gutter. This is where the scope of delivery ends.


The speed is 60 tablets/min.


Machine specifications:

  • The machine is newly built.
  • The machine meets the latest safety requirements.
  • The machine is painted in RAL 7021 and has smoke grey PMMA transparent hoods.
  • The machine has LED lighting underneath the hoods.
  • The machine is equipped with a simple Siemens PLC S7, Colour touchscreen HMI and Start/Stop, Reset and Emergency stop buttons.
  • Pneumatics are from Festo.
  • The optional hot melt unit is of the brand Robatech. 
  • Incl. modem for remote access and service in the controls.

Power supply: Electrical 3*400V + Zero and Earth, compressed air 6 bar 60 L/min.

The machine is built according to the latest European electrical standards: EN 60204 



The machine is supplied with the following documentation:

  • Lareka’s original manual and spare parts book in French.
  • Electrical wiring diagram in English. 
  • Software listing in English.
  • Colour display HMI in French.
  • Pneumatic diagram in English. 
  • All the above information is delivered on a memory stick (1x) and printed on A4 (1x).
  • The user manual of used components in the language(s) as supplied to Lareka.


Machine safety:

The machine will be delivered in compliance with the Machine Directive 2006/42/EC.