Cacao Butter Press Industrial MODEL 3 -40/50kgH cacao

Cacao Butter Press Industrial MODEL 3 -40/50kgH cacao

€ 19.775,00


Technical Specifications of COMPACT MODEL 3 - Industrial Oil Press Machine Technical Specifications


Motor Power (kW) 11 kW

Power Supply (Volt) 400 / 3-ph

Heater (kW) 0.6

Max Capacity (kg/h) 60 kg for cacao  150kg for other seeds

Energy Consumption (watt/h) 6000 to 11000

Efficient Processing Capacity (kg/h) (most efficient use of electricty) 70 - 90

Residue Oil in Cake (%) <=%6

Processing Capacity (kg/24h) 1200

Measurement (L*W*H) (cm) length (cm) 145 width (cm) 80 height (cm) 220

weight (kg) 450

Cargo Specifications

length (cm) 160 width (cm) 120 height (cm) 235

weight (kg) 500

Pallette / Box Palette

Hs Code / Gtip Code


For the industrial lines we have standard bunkers of 200 kg. For coupled machines, we have the possibility to connect and dispose of the cake outlet. And the disposal of the cocoa butter.

This industrial cocoa press can be expanded with a frame made of steel and a bulk hopper made of 100% stainless steel. The bulk hopper can contain a weight of 200 kg.

Warranty Terms

1- Machine motor and gearbox is guaranteed worldwide for 1 year by its manufacturer.

2- Motor driver is guaranteed worldwide for 2 years by its manufacturer ABB. Other electrical parts are also under 2 year warranty.

3- All parts have 10 year manufacturer guarantee which means we will continue supplying spare parts for 10 years.

4- Machine parts that are subject to wear and tear are not covered by the warranty. Warranty also does not cover damages caused by self infliction or incorrect operation.


Spare Parts and Tools Included with the Machine Sale

1- 1 piece moon key 2- 1 piece flat nozzle key 3- 2 piece allen key 4- 1 piece hammer 5- 5 nozzles for the machine head 6- 1 feeding funnel