Kleego FBM Conche 35 kg and melting tank 50

€ 11.760,00

KLEEGO is FBM's latest innovation in modular chocolate machines for the artisan chocolate professional and the first machine to meet two important needs of craft Bean-To-Bar chocolate makers.

KLEEGOis a 50 kg melting tank with an intergrated pump that can be used in general production everywhere melted chocolate is needed and it is a high-speed 35kgconche that quickly and efficiently improves the texture of chocolate while giving chocolate makers new tools to control flavow development.

KLEEGO dual functionality is accomplishedvia a remivable top-mounted conching assembly and a custom digital control panel that delivers precice , repeatable control over the important parameters of conching. The counter-rotating stirrers provide high shear action to break up particle agglometates and expose the chocolate to air and heat.

Technical data

-Shear: counter-rotating stirrers generate a great deal of shear to breakup any particle clumps effectively and coat particles with cocoa butter.

-Mixing: auger pump circulates the chocolate continuously during conching to ensure even processing.

-Airflow:  High-volume forcedair system and extraction fan carry off volatile aromas quickly.

-Heat: three independently controllable heat sources (bowl heater, air heater, ceramic heater)

Standard features:

Bowl stirrer speed 0-60 rpm

Conche stirrer speed-22,5 rpm (fixed)

Bowl temperature 30-75°C

Main airflow 0-100 m3/hr air temperature

Ceramic heater temperature 90ºC

Installed power40KW

Weight: 110 kg


KLEEGO 100 KG melting tank 70 kg Chonche..............   €16.460

Optical sensor (to automatically refill working bowl of tempering machine) ....................€ 480