Nemisto Customized Moulds

€ 1.500,00

We mould your Imaginations! 

What could be better than chocolate? Chocolate shaped into your favourite figures, logos or even your own face! Designing and making chocolate moulds is a fascinating process that requires both creativity and technical skills.

It all starts with the design. Whether it is a company logo or a custom shape for a special occasion, the design must be drawn accurately using CAD software. This ensures that the mould has the desired shape and that no details are lost in the production process.

The design is then transferred to a CNC machine, which mills it into a mould. 

What makes this process so fascinating is that it is the perfect combination of technique and art. It requires precise technical skills to design and make the mould, but it is also important to create an aesthetically pleasing shape that appeals to people. It is truly a craft where creativity and precision come together.

So if you are looking for a unique and personalised mould or simply want to enjoy chocolate in a fun shape, designing and making chocolate moulds is the perfect solution. It is a process that will delight both the eye and the taste buds!

We have a team waiting for you to design a Customized Mould. 


The price for design and metal mould is € 1500,-

The minimum mould order is 100 Polycarbonat chocolate moulds a €12 a mould. 

All the sizes that you want.

Please ask for the possibilities