Nemisto Basic 100 kg Melangeur

Nemisto Basic 100 kg Melangeur

€ 11.000,00

To make a good basic chocolate we have built a basic melanger. Here the power of the stones and the tilting of the drum are done by hand. 

The temperature is well controlled. By running at little RPM you can keep the temperature below 40 degrees. By increasing the speed, the temperature can go up to 80 degrees.

No fuss but excellent results. It finely grinds the cocoa nibs with a good stir. This allows the conching to take place during the grinding process.

With an easy to use panel you can rotate the drum between 0 and 140 rpm.

230- 400 volt | stainless steel | 100 kg capacity |  < 20 micron  | 0-140 round per minute | CE certified  | Inverter | Dimension -1565 x 990 x 1470mm | Motor Overload Protection | Tilting Manual | 1 year Warranty

Used for :Chocolate Melanger Cocoa nib grinder Cocoa butter grinder Chocolate Conching Machine Chocolate Refining machine Chocolate Tempering Machine Nut Butter Grinder Request