Pre Grinding

After the cocoa beans have been broken to separate the crushed kernels known as nibs, these are conveyed to pre-grinders and fine-grinding mills, where they are crushed even more finely.


The Pre grinding is only necessary with the Ball-mill and the 2Roll refiner. If the cocoa nibs come from the winnower, they can be finely ground in the Pre-grinder. The machines grind the nibs between 120 and 50 microns. You can also grind the cocoa nibs for the stone grinder. This will save you time during the process.

FBM GRINDGO Pre Grinder   Description The milling machine is made of stainless steel. It has…
€ 7.300,00
Application  Machine designed to grind cacao for obtaining cacao liquor   *imagen…
€ 7.000,00