Nemisto Pre Grinder 30 kg/h

€ 4.340,00


The milling machine is made of stainless steel. It has a unique design with a low noise, easy 
operation and good grinding. The milling machine is capable of producing a continuous flow without delay, making your processes more efficient. It is used in the cocoa beans after being roasted and cooled, obtaining a homogeneous paste of cocoa or cocoa liquor.

Technical SpecificationsButter Making Machine

Motor Power (kW)0,75 kW

Power Supply (Volt)220 / 1-ph

Gear BoxHelical Shaft Gear

How it is madeScrewed Puree

Press MethodCold Press Method

Max Capacity (kg/h)50

Energy Consumption (watt/h)1320

Efficient Processing Capacity (kg/h)
(most efficient use of electricty)30-50

Measurement (L*W*H) (cm)

length (cm)30

width (cm)60

height (cm)60

weight (kg)30

Cargo Specifications

length (cm)70

width (cm)37

height (cm)43

weight (kg)35

Pallette / BoxBox

Hs Code / Gtip Code847982000000


Warranty Terms

  • Electrical parts are also under 2 year
  • All parts have 10 year manufacturer guarantee which means we will continue supplying spare parts for 10
  • Machine parts that are subject to wear and tear are not covered by the Warranty also does not cover damages caused by self infliction or incorrect operation..


Spare Parts and Tools Included with the Machine Sale

1-  1 pieces Seed Hopper
2-  1 pieces Seed Hopper Cover