Vulca Cacao Grinder 40 kg MC - I

€ 7.200,00


 Machine designed to grind cacao for obtaining cacao liquor


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Approximate capacity

40 kg/batch

Refer. exterior dimensions

Width: 600mm - Length: 900mm - Height: 1400mm

Weight approx.

80 kg

Three-phase motor

3.0HP – 1800 RPM

2.25 kW


Voltage Hertz: 220-380-440v/ 50-60 Hz

Control unit

Indicates the operation / process by light signaling Run control - stop


Stainless steel AISI 304

Grinding chamber

Screw system that transports the product to the grinding chamber to obtain the paste.

Cooling system

Cooling jacket with water recirculation to the grinding chamber automatically with sensor.

Force transmission

With motors independently for each process

Support structure

Consolidates machine in general and motor and accessories

Security guards

For belts and motors