Cacao Roaster 5 kg

€ 12.000,00


GKPX5 - G     5 KG Cacao Roatser   Electrical         € 12.000,-

GKPX5 - E.     5 KG Cacao Roaster Gas                   € 12.500



Version                               ELECTRICAL.  and   GAS

Batch Capacity                   5 KG

Roasting Duration.            10 / 40  min

Hour Capacity                    10  KG/H.   25 KG/H


Roasting Type.                     Electric  THERMAL TRANSFERT   Gas  DIRECT FIRE2

Roasting System.                 Electric  CERAMIC RESISTANCE1   Gas LPG/NG/LNG3

Control.                                 PID Temperature, Control Bean, Temp Air Flow,

                                         Drum Speed Control, Emergency Safety Button, Flame Management, Gas Control


Voltage                             Electric.  380 * 415 V 3Phase.      Gas 380 * 415 V 3Phase 210*220 V MonoPhase

Motor4                                   4 units

Frequency                              50 / 60 Hz

Electric Consumption.           Electric. 8 kW.              Gas 1 kW

Dimensions (L*D*H).             Electric. 140*145*180 CM.         Gas 140*145*180 CM

Usage Area                           Electric 250x250x300 CM.           Gas 250x250x300 CM

Exhaust                                 130 MM Outlet



Certification CE, ISO9001, ISO22000



1 Special designed ceramic resistance system is adjusted.

2 Italian Heating System with following specifications : low emissions in compliance with the current European regulations. low noise levels, compliant to the strictest European standards

3 As a standard the machine is set up for LPG. In case of different need, please contact.4 Motors are Italy origin.


*As a regular setup, machine is available to be used 0’ C to 230’ C. In case of different value is needed, please contact.


  1. The Roasting Profile

  2. Coloring

  3. Body Surface customization (Brass, Copper)

  4. Different Voltage

  5. Afterburner

  6. Destoner