Cacao Roaster TCV5 –I 5 kg

€ 7.960,00

Hot Air Roaster TCV5 –I


Equipment designed for roasting cocoa, coffee, etc. by batch by hot air.

 It can be cooled quickly in the same equipment.


Approximate capacity 5 kg/batch

Refer. exterior dimensions

Width: 550 mm - Length: 900 mm - Height: 1250 mm

Weight approx. 70 kg

Three-phase motor 0.75 HP -3600 RPM 2.24 kW,


Voltage / Hertz-380v/ 50Hz

Variable frequency drive Modify motor speed

Control unit:Indicates the operation / process by light signaling Run control - stop, Air flow
Automatic fire ignition, temperature display

Induction of air

The air is injected from the lower part and when it passes through electrical resistances it is heated to the required temperature to be injected into the process chamber.

Material Stainless steel AISI 304

Feed Hopper

Pyramid hopper type with gate for sliding the product

Process chamber

Conducting product toasting with process viewer

Induction of air

Formed by rotor, when receiving fire it sends hot air to the chamber and when it ceases to fire it sends cold air, cooling the product

Product discharge By front hatch with handle

Support structure Consolidates machine in general and motor and accessories

Security guards Integral for the whole machine

Industrial machine: Please observe the local regulations as to whether the machine can be used here due to noise.