Nemisto 40 kg Melangeur

€ 7.900,00


These machines are the perfect companions to work with. The Nemisto melangeur is included with a control panel which consists of an emergency stop, speed indicator, timer and start / stop buttons.

This machine has everything to grind the cocoa nibs in to a very fine finish. It makes the cocoa fine below 20 microns. After grinding for about12 hours you can have the chocolate conched in the same machine. The classic titling feature makes it unnecessary  to lift the vessel or drum to pour out the contents. Solid stainless steel provides elegance, strength and durability. In addition, this grinder has all the features that makes it stand out powerful motor, black granite stone for long life and high quality internal and external components.



Rated Capacity       40 kg

Drum Diameter        509mm (+-5mm)

Drum Depth             510mm (+-5mm)

Drum vul. Litres.     100

Drum RPM               140 rpm

Net Weight               160 Kgs


Motor Specification


Voltage/Frequency     220 volts / 50 Hz

Power                         1 hp / 3 Phase

Motor - kW/Hp 1,5 KW / 2 Hp

RPM                           1440 rpm

Gear Box & Motor                                                   Motovario

Shell Construction & Drum                                    Stainless Steel 304 Grade



  1. Drive Mechanism – Gear box with integrated Motor
  2. Superior food grade Stainless steel drum, Granite Stone and food grade plastic components.
  3. Tubular frame construction houses the Tilting Drum and Reinforced motor mounting base
  4. Tilt-Locking mechanism ensures stable positioning of the drum in either the Vertical or Horizontal positions.
  5. Durable Granite Stones are used to prevent chipping and assures good wear resistance
  6. Lockable wheels aids in mobility and positioning
  7. An internal electrically operated cooling fan provides in keeping the gear motor in operating

temperature. The product has been well   designed for ease of serviceability.


Speed controller (speed adjustment from zero to maximum speed) with MCB protection and converts 3phase to single phase for user convenience is a standard attachment provided with the machine.