Nemisto 5 kg Melanger

€ 2.300,00

By popular demand we have built a small stainless steel melanger with a  production of 5 kg chocolate.

With this machine a lot of attention has been paid to stirring. So that the conching is durable and powerful. 
The round rollers are turned to power by hand.   Cleaning is easy so that little chocolate is lost.

Completely stainless steel and food grated parts. It has an emergency stop and the rpm can be set up to 140 rpm.

Model SM5

Capacity 5 kg

Voltage 230V

Motor Stark Switzerland

Maximum 140 RPM

Inventer Yes

CE / Yes 

Dimension - 470 x 340 x 570mm

directives 2006/42/EC Machinery Directive & 2014/35/EU Low Voltage Directive


Used for :Chocolate Melanger Cocoa nib grinder Cocoa butter grinder Chocolate Conching Machine Chocolate Refining machine Chocolate Tempering Machine Nut Butter Grinder Request