Nemisto Basic 40 kg Melangeur

€ 6.500,00

To make a good basic chocolate we have built a basic melanger. Here the power of the stones and the tilting of the drum are done by hand. 

No fuss but excellent results. It finely grinds the cocoa nibs with a good stir. This allows the conching to take place during the grinding process.

With an easy to use panel you can rotate the drum between 0 and 140 rpm.


 Dimension- 990 x 720 x 1140mm
 Loading capacity bowl - 40 kg
 Electrical power supply - 220V/415V 50Hz 

 Material of frame - Stainless Steel
 Invertor- yes
 RPM - 0-140RPM
 Motor Overload Protection - Yes
 Tilting - Manual
 Warranty - 1 year