Nemisto ChocoCraft ProGuard

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**Welcome to Nemisto ChocoCraft ProGuard: Perfection in Chocolate Melanging**

Enter the world of unparalleled chocolate processing with the brand new Nemisto ChocoCraft ProGuard melanger. We are excited to introduce our latest innovation, designed with pioneering technologies to take your chocolate production to new heights. The Nemisto ChocoCraft ProGuard melanger is not just another machine; it is a revolution in safety, efficiency and versatility.

**Safety Above All**

Our engineers pushed the boundaries by equipping the Nemisto ChocoCraft ProGuard with a double housing. No rotating parts on the outside means your users work in a safe environment without compromising on functionality. Your peace of mind is our top priority.

**Efficiency of  Conching to a Whole New Level**

With improved scrapers in the machine, we have taken conching to a whole new level. The Nemisto ChocoCraft ProGuard melanger makes the process not only faster, but also more accurate and effective. You will be amazed at the consistency and quality of your chocolate creations.

**Innovation in Design**

The Nemisto ChocoCraft ProGuard melanger features an all-new lid, complete with a handy funnel and an opening for a heat source. This opens doors to endless possibilities in chocolate preparation, allowing you to let your creativity run wild. The all-stainless steel design ensures durability and hygiene, while the available batch sizes from 5 to 100 kg meet all your production needs.

**Electric Tilting System - Your Work Simplified**

To make your experience even more seamless, the Nemisto ChocoCraft ProGuard melanger offers an optional electric tilting system. No need to worry about heavy loads or awkward manoeuvres. We believe that every step of your process should be effortless and efficient.

At Nemisto, we are committed to providing machines that not only offer excellence in performance, but also bring your passion for chocolate to life. Discover the future of chocolate processing with the Nemisto ChocoCraft ProGuard melanger and prepare for a journey full of tasty possibilities.

Your perfect chocolate experience starts here.


The Art of Crafting Chocolate in the Nemisto ChocoCraft ProGuard Melanger

Creating exquisite chocolate is a blend of science, technique, and passion. With the Nemisto ChocoCraft ProGuard Melanger, we unveil the journey of transforming raw ingredients into velvety chocolate bliss.

1. Precise Ingredient Layering

In the heart of the melanger, a symphony of flavors begins to take shape. Our process begins by meticulously layering the ingredients. Cocoa butter, the rich essence of the cacao bean, dances with the ground cocoa, gradually building the foundation of your chocolate masterpiece. In the case of bean-to-bar enthusiasts, this step is an homage to the origins of cocoa. Finally, sugar joins the ensemble, harmonizing the flavors.

2. The Dance of Grinding and Mixing

The melangeur becomes the maestro, orchestrating the transformation. As chocolate is a delicate alchemy of vegetable fats and solid ingredients, dissolution is not the goal. The melangeur's stone rollers gently coax the elements into a mesmerizing ballet. This intricate choreography ensures that the dry substances and fats are intimately intertwined, crafting the unmistakable silkiness and depth of texture that defines exceptional chocolate.

3. Patience: The Key Ingredient

Greatness requires time. For a truly sublime outcome, the Nemisto ChocoCraft ProGuard Melanger devotes itself to the artistry of chocolate for 48 to 72 hours, tirelessly refining and melding the elements. This dedication and patience are the very essence of chocolate perfection.

4. Unveiling the Culmination

With the passage of time, the transformation is complete. The chocolate emerges from the melangeur, an embodiment of flavor, texture, and craftsmanship. Whether destined for further production or patiently awaiting enjoyment, the chocolate is carefully unloaded, revealing its splendor.

A Symphony of Unloading

To handle the culmination of this process, Nemisto presents a thoughtful solution. Our melangeurs with capacities of 40 kg or more is it adviceble thoughtfully equipped with a manual tilting gear for the bowl, facilitating the unloading process even in unexpected situations. Picture a seamless transition from the melangeur to your creations, even during challenging moments like a sudden power outage.

Elevating Purity and Safety

As the final act unfolds, we recommend the embrace of a vibrating sieve during unloading and cleaning. This delicate touch ensures the pristine quality of the chocolate, sifting out any unmilled pieces. A testament to our commitment to purity and safety, this step ensures the integrity of your final creation.

In the world of chocolate crafting, the Nemisto ChocoCraft ProGuard Melanger is the virtuoso that transforms ingredients into symphonies of taste and texture. Join us in this extraordinary journey where innovation, tradition, and meticulous technique converge to create chocolate dreams realized.