Nemisto ChocoCraft ProGuard 80

€ 10.500,00

Welcome to Nemisto ChocoCraft ProGuard: Perfection in Chocolate Melanging

230 or 400 volt | stainless steel | 80 kg capacity |  < 20 micron  | 0-140 round per minute | CE certified  | Inverter | Dimension - 1515 x 940 x 1420mm | Motor Overload Protection | Motor Tilting | 1 year Warranty

Safety Above All

Our engineers pushed the boundaries by equipping the Nemisto ChocoCraft ProGuard with a double housing. No rotating parts on the outside means your users work in a safe environment without compromising on functionality. Your peace of mind is our top priority.

Double layer melanger

Efficiency of  Conching to a Whole New Level

With improved scrapers in the machine, we have taken conching to a whole new level. The Nemisto ChocoCraft ProGuard melanger makes the process not only faster, but also more accurate and effective. You will be amazed at the consistency and quality of your chocolate creations.

Efficient coaching

Innovation in Design

The Nemisto ChocoCraft ProGuard melanger features an all-new lid, complete with a handy funnel and an opening for a heat source. This opens doors to endless possibilities in chocolate preparation, allowing you to let your creativity run wild. The all-stainless steel design ensures durability and hygiene, while the available batch sizes from 5 to 100 kg meet all your production needs.

Choco lid

Electric Tilting System - Your Work Simplified

To make your experience even more seamless, the Nemisto ChocoCraft ProGuard melanger offers an optional electric tilting system. No need to worry about heavy loads or awkward manoeuvres. We believe that every step of your process should be effortless and efficient.

motor tilting


Extra option'sTimer 3.RPM Calculator, Data back up can be transferred to PC using data Cable  All comes in 4 inch Touch Screen Display, Machine Running time calculation Touch Screen Display with
Temperature controller 

4 inch Touch Screen Display. ( Extra option) + €1750,-


1.Speed Controller | 2.Timer | 3.RPM Calculator | 4.Machine Running time calculation | 5.Automatic Tilting |  | 6. Back up data for 6 months | 7.Data back up can be transferred to PC using data Cable | 8. temperature measurement