Nemisto Premium 100 kg Melangeur

€ 15.000,00

We are offering a range of Nemisto Cocoa Grinding Machine. The machine is ideal for cocoa processing and nut butter processing and other multipurposegrinding needs. This Nemisto Melanger can grind up to 100 kg of cocoa nibs. The Premium model hasautomatic Titling feature makes it unnecessary to have to lift the vessel or drum to pour out thecontents,reduces man power and avoid straining yourself. Cleaning is a breeze, simply pour water, run the melanger for a few seconds and pour out the water. It almost cleans itself. Solid 100 %Stainless Steel body provides elegance, strength and durability. In addition, this melanger has all the features that make it stand out like powerful motor, gear drive, exhaust system, black granite stone for long life and high quality internal and external components.

Tension of the granite stones can be adjusted by using Pneumatic pressure to obtaindifferent grades of shear at different stages of grinding and for different ingredients. Double graniteroller stones and only model with double scrapper that rotate over a granite base. This createsquick tremendous shear that reduces the cocoa nibs to fine chocolate liquor and nuts into paste witha particle size of the order of less than 15 microns

Speed controller and control panel is provided as standard with the unit, and comes with built inelectrical MCB protection. This unit helps you to set the machine speed for different processing and adjust the quantity of ingredients. This is very much useful for you to differentiate your process from others, and make your recipe and processing unique to yourself. This machine comes with extrafeature with timer which time can set for grinding

This amazing stone melanger grinder is the perfect companion to your endeavor. We havemade several key enhancements to the grinder to make it perfect for Chocolate, nut butters, mexicanmasa, cosmetics and other food processing. Our stone melangers can be used to make Marcepanfrom almond, Mesa from corn, coconut paste, Gianduja from hazel nuts, Pistachio and cashewbutters, Tahini from sesame seeds, flax seeds paste, Sphagnum moss for facials, Hummus fromboiled chick peas, rice batter from rice, Quinoa and many an other grinding application.

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 Dimension - 2015 x 990 x 1470mm

 Loading capacity bowl - 100 kg
 Electrical power supply - 415v 50Hz 

 Material of frame - Stainless Steel 

 Invertor - yes

 RPM - 0-140RPM
 Motor Overload Protection - Yes
 Tilting - Automatic
 Pressure controller - Hydraulic pressure System  Warranty - 1 year