Nemisto ProGuard 5

€ 3.100,00

By popular demand we have built a small stainless steel melanger with a  production of 5 kg chocolate.

Safety Above All

Our engineers pushed the boundaries by equipping the Nemisto ChocoCraft ProGuard with a double housing. No rotating parts on the outside means your users work in a safe environment without compromising on functionality. Your peace of mind is our top priority.

With this machine a lot of attention has been paid to stirring. So that the conching is durable and powerful. 
The round rollers are turned to power by hand.   Cleaning is easy so that little chocolate is lost.

Completely stainless steel and food grated parts. It has an emergency stop and the rpm can be set up to 140 rpm.

230 volt | stainless steel | 5 kg capacity |  < 20 micron  | 0-140 RPM | 30 kg weight | CE certified  | Inverter | Dimension - 470 x 340 x 570 | Motor Overload Protection | 1 year Warranty

Motor Stark Switzerland

directives 2006/42/EC Machinery Directive & 2014/35/EU Low Voltage Directive


A chocolate melanger is also known by several other names, depending on context and language. Some of these appellations are:

1. stone grinder: This term is often used because the machine grinds and mixes the chocolate ingredients.

2. Chocolate refiner: This term refers to refining the chocolate, reducing particle size and making the texture smoother.

3. Chocolate conche: This term comes from the process of "conching", in which chocolate is refined and aerated to improve flavour and texture.

4. Chocolate grinder: This emphasises the grinding and mixing of chocolate ingredients to obtain a homogeneous mass.

5. Chocolate roller: This term may be used because some chocolate melangers use rollers to refine and mix the chocolate.

6. Chocolate agitator: This term refers to stirring, mixing and agitating the chocolate ingredients.