Nemisto Stylo 3 kg

€ 699,00

This lightweight, easy to handle machine is an addition to any kitchen. For the novice or proffesional chocolate maker, this little but powerfull machine is indispensable. You can make your chocolate on a small scale. And for the proffesional Bean-To-Bar creator this electric jack perfect to test your nea cocoa beans. In addition to make chocolate is this electterical jack suitable for an infinite possibilities. The pressure of the stones is manually adjustable in different stages of grinding. The high preformance engine with 200 watt is resistant to high temperatures, even with prolonged  use. The 304 stainless steel drum is removable and easy to empty and clean. No slinter will brake during the grinding process of the granite stone.

 230 volt | 200 watt | 9 liter drum | 3kg capicity |  < 20 micron  | 96 round per minute |  14,5 kg weight | CE certified    

This machine is the first and only table top grinder according the European standards. 

EN standard 55014

EN standard 61000

EMC directive 2004