Nemisto BR 10 kg Cracker & Winnower

€ 4.200,00


Nemisto 10-15 kg Cracker & Winnower

10 kg / hour

1 Phase 220V grey / steel.......................€ 4200

1 Phase 220 V Stainless steel..................€ 5210

10-15 kg capacity |  1 pass  | loss 12-15% | 30 kg weight | CE certified  | 230 volt  | 0,33 hp |  1,19 A | 0,25 kW motor | dimensions 70x70x50 cm | 2 kg hopper


- Carbon steel frame with electrostatic coating;
- 430 stainless steel sieve system;
- Motor cooling fan 120x120x38 mm with bearings;
- Emergency stop system;
- WEG CF100 - 220V single-phase frequency inverter;
- Feed hopper with protection;
- Suction hoses;
- 0.25CV three-phase 220V motor;
- High-performance gearbox;
- NCM 84371000.
- Packaging: 0.41 m H, 0.59 m W, 0.63 m L;
- Approximate weight: 32kg


Before starting to use the equipment, check that the voltage of the machine is the same as the voltage of the place to be connected. The standard power supply for the mini cocoa peeler is 220V single-phase on the WEG Frequency Inverter.

Place a box or other container on the outlet that will receive the nibs (peeled cocoa) and another container on the straw outlet.

Once the equipment is energised, turn the emergency button clockwise to energise the frequency inverter. Press the frequency inverter's on/off button (green). Once switched on, place the cocoa beans in the hopper (opening).

There is an air regulator that decreases or increases the removal of the chaff from the nibs.

Once the beans have been processed, switch off the frequency inverter's on/off button (red) and press the emergency button.

In the event of an emergency, press the red button which will switch the equipment off completely (emergency button).

IMPORTANT: The equipment must be sanitised periodically to guarantee the quality of the product produced, and when doing so, the equipment must be disconnected from the power supply.

The standard funnel can hold about 2 kg of cocoa beans. For an additional charge of € 375, - we have the possibility to deliver a 4.5 kg funnel.

This 10-15 kg Cracker and Winnower is small and compact. But has an impressive track record. With a production of 10-15 kg of cocoa per hour. The cracker and the winnower are precisely adjusted to each other.

It is unique that these machines are connected to each other. The cocoa beans are scooped into the hopper at the top. The cocoa beans are broken here. The husk are extracted and the clean nibs come out.

For an excellent result


Nemisto 20-25 kg Cracker & Winnower

20 kg / hour

1 Phase 220V grey / steel.......................€ 6100

1 Phase 220 V Stainless steel..................€ 7200



Reference by David van Acker
Patisserie Zuut Leuven Belgium 


"In 2018, as a side project in my chocolate store in Leuven, I started making my own chocolate according to the 'BeantoBar' philosophy. I then made the choice to go for the Nemisto brand appliances after a lot of asking around and looking up online. Meanwhile, 3 years later, I work with 3 small 3kg stone grinders and a cracker winnower  The stone grinders take up very little space and fit perfectly on a table, after 30 hours of operation I have perfect tongue smooth chocolate. Maintenance of the machines is very easy. The cracker winnower also fits perfectly on a table and produces very nice results. Again easy to maintain and certainly not difficult to set the right settings. So as we continue to expand this side project, I will certainly continue to look at what Nemisto has to offer of larger appliances."





When we decided to start bean to bar chocolate making in Mandurah, Western Australia, we began
to seek out information on equipment for each stage of our processes. We had been roasting cocoa
beans on our wood-fired coffee Trabattoni coffee roaster and a hand build winnower. From our first
contact with Peter at Nemisto we appreciated his knowledge of the bean to bar chocolate making
industry and his recommendations for appropriate equipment for our operation. It is always
challenging to purchase equipment sight unseen from a different country. Peter, from Nemisto,
built our trust through phone conversations and quick responses to all our communications. The
winnower was shipped on time and arrived ready for us to begin our bean to bar venture.