Nemisto CC1 winnower 10 kg

€ 2.800,00


in the processing of cocoa beans to the CC1 cocoa winnower is an indispensable product. This machine works great. Broken beans must be given dosed. On one side are the perfect cocoa nibs. on the other side come to the husk from the machine. Through various ways you can influence the process.

Stainless Steel € 3200,- 



Nemisto CC2 winnower 20 kg

€ 3.875,00 


This is the big brother in the Nemisto CC2 family and can separate the husk of the cocoa bean. This machine is accurate with al loss of 12-15%. The motor is very silens.

Voltage:           220V

Capacity:        20 kg /hour

loss:                   12-15%

Weight:           25 kg

Demension:  425X225x839