Vulca 20 kg/h Cacao Winnower / Small

€ 6.900,00


This 20 kg Cracker and Winnower is small and compact. But has an impressive track record. With a production of 20 kg of cocoa per hour. The cracker and the winnower are precisely adjusted to each other.

It is unique that these machines are connected to each other. The cocoa beans are scooped into the hopper at the top. The cocoa beans are broken here. The husk are extracted and the clean nibs come out.

20  kg capacity |  1 pass  | loss 12-15% | 35 kg weight | CE certified  | 230 volt  | 1 hp |  1,69 A | 0.75 kW motor | dimensions 65x70x120 cm | 5 kg hopper

Additional options,

Lever to move.
Plate work for collection bin.


Production approx. 20 kg/h 

Outer dimensions Ref. 

Width: 650 mm - Length: 700 mm - Height: 1100 mm

Approx. weight

30 kg.

Engine 1.0 HP-1800 RPM 0.75 Kw.

Voltage/Hertz 220v/50 Hz

Reducer Reduce engine speed

Frequency inverter To regulate the motor speed.

Hopper 5 kg cocoa beans

Control unit Start-Stop Control

Indicates operation/process by means of light signals

Material  Stainless steel AISI 304 quality 

Feeding hopper type with gate for sliding the product

Source For product reception

Crushing chamber Pallet system to break the product

Shell vacuuming Shell suction system with fan and hose.

Support structure Consolidates the entire machine.