Vulca 60-80 kg/h Cacao cracker and winnower

€ 15.000,00

Capacity 60-80 Kg/h Decaling rate first  passage 97%  second passage 99% Crushing rate <10%

- Equipment designed to winnowing and
separate the cacao nibs by ventilation
- Obtaining nibs in three sizes


Approximate capacity 60-80 kg/h
Refer. exterior dimensions Width: 1340 mm - Length: 1640 mm - Height: 2250 mm
Weight approx. 270 kg
Gearmotor for feeding 0.75 HP-1800 RPM 0.56kW

Voltage/Hertz 220-380-440v/50-
60 Hz
Three-phase motor for crusher 2.0 HP-1800 RPM 1.5 kW
Three-phase motor for chamber Vibrating motor 1800 RPM 0.12kW
Three-phase motor for extraction 1.0 HP-3600 RPM 0.75kW
Variable frequency drive Modify motor speed
Control unit Indicates the operation / process by light signaling

Run control - stop
Material Stainless steel AISI 304
Feed Hopper Pyramid hopper type with gate for sliding the product
Crusher chamber System with grooved roller to crush the product
Sorting hamber With a vibration system and interchangeable screens with 03 ways for

downloading nibs.

Vibration system With vibrating motor and springs for movement in each support.
Ventilation system Formed by rotor that connects to duct, hose as transport of husk and

powder, stirrup with blinds where the product slides

Product dischage By three ways, efficient classified by size.
Force transmission With motors independently for each process
Security guards For belts and motors