Training, consultancy and service

Nemisto offers you a total package for craft making bean to bar chocolate.

Bean to bar consultant, Mark Schimmel. Owner of Krak chocolade b.v. Ermelo The Netherlands:

" I can imagine like no other that you want to produce bean to bar chocolate and need help with this" . I make

myself available to help you with the start-up of the production.

golden bean winner

The subjects I can help you with are:

- Setting up a chocolate production, different rooms, routing and storage of cocoa and chocolate

- Recipe making

- Experienced in tasting and giving feedback


To explain the whole process of making chocolate from the bean: What happens during

roasting, refining, conching and aging. I believe that if you are passionate about this, you want to make your own

choices in this process and develop your own style of chocolate you can be proud of.


During this consult of the hands-on Bean to Bar Training, you will get tools to get a good start in

making bean to bar chocolate.

•  bean to bar

•  cocoa beans

•  selection of beansLogo Krak

•  roasting

•  cracking and winnowing

•  pre grinding

•  cacao butter press

•  refining / melanger

•  conching

•  tempering

•  packing

•  storage

Target group: Everyone who wants professional help making their own bean to bar chocolate.

No previous knowledge required.




  • Installation
  • Technical asistance 
  • Maintenance
  • Spare parts
  • Consultancy 



We have a highly qualified team to guarantee the right installation and the starting up of the machine in a safe and efficient way.



Maintenance is the key to lengthen the life of the machineries, we offer maintenance service in order to guarantee its correct operation to obtain a final product with a high quality.

Technical asistance 

Our network will give you technical asistance, in order you could manipulate the machine without any inconvenient.


Spare parts 

We or our manufacturers have  stock to delivery in the shortest time to our customers with the same quality that characterizes us.



We have various consultations and ambassadors in the world with a number of joint sharers. They are experts in bean-to-bar chocolate and are eager to help.